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About Us

Through our 20 plus years of experience working within the utility industry, we have witnessed first-hand the detrimental effect that lack of early specialist attention towards utility connections can have on a project. We are a small dedicated team with the goal to save developers money, time and the inevitable headache caused by the ever-changing utility connections process.


Using our depth of expertise and our ethical working approach, we provide a fit for purpose solution based on our client’s individual requirements. We offer a single point of contact for gas, electricity, water, and fibre installations.


Being on hand from inception to completion of the project to advise on technical requirements, timelines, and risk mitigation to ensure a smooth installation.


Using our network of contacts, we can handle the pre-construction stage helping you decide on the most suitable contractor for your project. We can complete all necessary forms required and push to obtain the most cost-effective route forward.


By utilising our industry knowledge we can facilitate the full application and design of the new utility network on your behalf. This therefore eradicates the need for you to deal with each individual party directly.

Utility Search

Required during the planning stage, we can ascertain the network plans to ensure the capability of the existing infrastructure to serve your project.

Legal Process

Working with our trusted partner we will identify any existing third party land that may have an impact on your site as well as manage the easements and wayleaves required for new pipe and cable.


With contacts built up over many years, DWUC will aid you in the purchase of the materials required for your installation, ensuring it meets the most up to date industry standards. This will avoid costly cancellation fees when it comes to the energisation of your development.

Project Mangement

We will project manage the installation on site, ensuring you are getting the best possible service, whilst keeping within time and cost restraints and most importantly, ensuring health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times.


We are here predominantly for the small independent developers who are regularly overlooked by larger utility companies.
We work hard on your behalf to ensure you get the same attentive, proactive approach as a national house builder.

(One plot upwards)

Commercial Bulk Supplies

Temporary Builders Supplies

EV Charging Points

Renewable Energy

Our Team



David has worked within the utility industry for 15 years in a range of differing positions starting as an engineer, through design and on to operations management. This has provided him with vast and varied experience with him having qualifications in gas, electricity and water disciplines. Seeing how larger companies disregard smaller, independent developers prompted the start-up of DWUC. David plans to use his passionate and driven approach to bridge this gap ensuring that individual plots receive the same level of service as large strategic developments.



Jade has 10 years of experience within the legal profession including time spent at a highly reputable law firm in central London. She excels in dealing with complicated legal issues and documentation, whilst managing a heavy caseload within financial and property law.


Project Manager

Jack is detailed and methodical in his approach, having 12 years of experience managing the food and drink supply chain at one of the busiest hospitals in the UK. More recently he has utilised his skills within a project coordination environment at a large electrical manufacturer, building up extensive knowledge of both products and applications within the utility industry.

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We are conveniently based on the Essex/Suffolk border allowing us to provide our services to the whole of East Anglia.

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Phone: 0800 464 7535

Email: info@dwuc.co.uk